Young Savers

Saving for the future

We believe it’s important to encourage good financial habits from an early age. With our Young Savers account you can help your child build up their savings and develop a positive relationship with money.

This account is perfect for you to save up for a child’s future or to save for things such as school uniforms, holidays, Christmas, and birthdays.

It’s also perfect if you are looking for an account for your child to start saving their own money.


To be eligible to open this account:

  • The child must be 0-16 years old

  • The child and/or the parent/guardian must live in the Wigtown district area

Young Adults

Becoming a young adult means you have to develop the money management skills to prepare you for adulthood. Having a positive relationship with money now will shape your attitudes and habits in the future. Saving will help you become more aware of your money, giving you ownership and direct experience with managing money and making choices.

Saving Ideas

Each time you have money available, think about spending some and saving some. If you start now, the more expensive items you may want in the future become a lot easier to buy later on. Think:

  • Gigs

  • Socialising with friends

  • Prom

  • Driving lessons

  • Your first car

  • Holiday spending money

And parents-
If your child gets pocket money, think about giving half to them and putting the other half in their savings account?