What you get from us

We think applying for membership of Stranraer Credit Union is one of the best things you could do. Costing only £3 per year, adults can benefit from a wide range of exclusive offers available only to credit union members. For example, our Life Savings Protection and Loan Protection Schemes gives members peace of mind that when they die, their families receive 100% of their shares. And, any debts are written off. We also pay our members a dividend* on the money they save with us. Our low cost loans also protect members from the extortionate charges people pay with other providers.

Our Young Person Savings Accounts are perfect for anyone wanting to set up an account for a son/daughter/niece or nephew. We believe young people should learn money management from an early age, and regular saving into the credit union allows them to gain the skills they’ll need later on.

Apply now by visiting us. Download the membership form.