Payroll Deduction Scheme

Improve your employees financial well-being without stress

Key Info.

Our Payroll Deduction  scheme is a free and easy saving and borrowing scheme that helps improve employee financial well-being. The scheme gives employees greater financial stability as they can build up savings and access low-cost loans if needed.

Financial stress is real

Absenteeism : the practice of regularly staying away from work or school without good reason.

It works for you

Setting up and managing the payroll deduction scheme is easy:

We will manage and administer your accounts.

We provide you with the materials and literature needed for your employees.


Working with local employers


If you are interested in how we can improve financial well-being in the workplace together, get in touch.

Benefit to you

It's free to any organisation who wants to implement it in the workplace.

Money worries often causes anxiety. Encouraging staff to save small amounts regularly can alleviate this.

Financially stable staff are more productive.

Partnering with us is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility.

You will be helping your local community.

Benefit to your staff

Life Savings Protection and Loan Protection is a free service provided to all members.

It's a simple way for staff to save, allowing staff take better control of their finances.

Encourages a healthy savings habit

Can help alleviate money worries and stress.

It's a local and ethical way to save.